Grub Market

Blue House Farm

Blue House Farm is a certified organic farm, located on the picturesque San Mateo Coast in Pescadero, CA. Founded in 2005 by long time buddies, Ryan Casey and Ned Conwell, Blue House Farms arose from a common passion for sustainable agriculture and rural living. Now managed by Casey and his staff, the farms has 30-acres of land in active production on rich coastal soil and grows fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers all year round. Some of their specialties include kale, beets, leeks and strawberries—a diverse array of seasonal produce!

Dirty Girl Produce

Located just to the south in Santa Cruz, California, Dirty Girl Produce is a 40-acre certified organic farm that grows over 20 varieties of fruits and veggies year-round. Owner Joe Schirmer began working the Dirty Girl farmland in 1997 and took over operations two short years later. Dirty Girl produce grows everything from Chiogga Beets to Savoy Cabbage to Red Russian Kale and caters to over 40 well-known Bay Area restaurants, including Saison and State Bird Provisions.

Frog Hollow Farms

frog_hollow_farmsFrog Hollow Farm is a thriving 133-acre organic farm located the fertile Sacramento River Delta (about an hour's drive from SF). Frog Hollow Farm grows hundreds of trees that produce peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, apriums, plums, pluots, Asian pears, quince, apples and more! Farmer Al is a pioneer in his commitment to both sustainable growing and labor practices on his land; the farm was CCOF-certified in 1989. We are thrilled to carry Frog Hollow’s unique conserves like Blueberry Nectarine, marmalades like Meyer Lemon, and sauces like Asian Pear Chutney. Yum!

Happy Boy Farms

Happy Boy Farms owner Greg Beccio has been growing organically in the central coast region of California for over 20 years! Their farm now spans multiple plots of land in neighboring counties. Happy Boy Farms takes advantage of each area’s unique microclimates and plants crops based on this specialized knowledge of the land. All of their crops—everything from pre-washed salad greens with gorgeous edible flowers to juicy melons to dry farmed tomatoes to squash to sweet potatoes—are harvested, washed, and packed by hand. Happy Boy Farms ensures the quality of their product is a direct result of their dedicated employees, many of whom have been with the farm for well over a decade!


Heirloom Organic Gardens

Would you believe us if we told you that Heirloom Organic Gardens grows over 200 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs each year?! Owner Grant Brians began farming at age 14 and is the only original California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) member remaining today—his farm was second to be certified on the Central Coast in 1976.  Located about 100 miles from the Bay Area, Heirloom Organic Gardens prides itself on the flavor and freshness of their produce, commitment to sustainable growing practices and the genetic preservation of their heirloom varieties!

The Hummus Guy

The Hummus Guy supplies FarmBox customers with some of the best hummus we have ever tasted! Located in Petaluma, California, The Hummus Guy ensures the consistency and quality of their product with both access to an age-old family recipes and the use of locally sourced and organic ingredients from the surrounding areas. Hummus is an essential part to any Mediterranean diet—if you want reap the benefits of a food high in protein and low in fats without sacrificing flavor, we promise hummus from The Hummus Guy will not disappoint!

Kashiwase Farms

The Kashiwase family has had their hands in California farming and agriculture since the 1920’s! Owned by Steven, a student of pomology at UC Davis, and wife Lisa Kashiwase, the farm sprawls 190 acres, 20 of which were bought by Stevens grandfather nearly ninety years ago. Boasting three generations of farmers, Kashiwase Farms was CCOF certified organic in 1997 and grow delicious stone fruits like pluots, peaches, nectarines, and apriums as well as almonds.

Lucero Farms

Lucero Farms is a true family owned and operated organic farm in Lodi, California, about 80 miles from the Bay Area. Founders Ben and Karen Lucero (and now their son Curt!) have been farming for nearly 50 years and fully apply their motto “fresh from our hands to yours…” to the work they do at Lucero Farms. Their seasonal offerings include a wide variety of heirloom fruits and vegetables—they grow over 60 varieties of heirloom tomatoes among other crops like peppers, summer squash and strawberries. There are Certified CCOF Organic to ensure that their produce is not only sustainably grown but also bursting with flavor.

Marin Gourmet

Marin_gourmetMarin Gourmet started out as a Café Affi, run by Affi Panahi, an Iranian native, who learned to cook from her grandmother and was encouraged by customers to make her spreads available to take home. Though she passed away, her recipes live on; all Marin Gourmet products are made by hand. The company partners with a nearby Fresno farm that grows all of the garlic, eggplant, peppers and herbs they use. Try their signature spread, Aubergine, a classic fire-roasted eggplant delight!

Marin Sun Farms

marin_sun_farmsMarin Sun Farms provides a complete pasture-to-fork solution for grassfed and pasture raised beef, pork, poultry lamb and goat. Their eggs are laid by 100% pasture raised chickens—the new, more humane “cage free”—where their hens are free to roam outside and fed a sustainable, vegetarian diet. Marin Sun Farms is committed to producing local, humanely raised, bio-enhancing, healthy food products for the community, and you can certainly taste this love and commitment in their products. FarmBox SF hopes to soon be carrying their local meats, too!

Nana Joe's Granola

nana-joes-michelleNana Joe’s Granola was borne out of the simple hobby of making  granola for friends and family. Now with 9 varieties available at over 20 retailers across the Bay, Nana Joe’s has seamlessly grown from dream to reality. Owner Michelle Pusateri sources her fruit from our friends at Kashiwase farms and other local neighbors who sell at the farmer’s market. From her Sunset Blend with pecans, mulberries and coconut to the Market Blend with almonds, pluots and vanilla, her granola combines FarmBox’s love for locally-sourced ingredients and unbeatable flavor!

Nutty By Nature

Nutty By Nature's duo, Alfred and Kristine, serve the Bay Area’s nutty following with a host of premium nuts and dried fruits. Their offerings range from almonds to pistachios to walnuts in variaties like Cinnamon Honey and Chili Lemon and raw, roasted and salted.  They’re fully committed to healthy snacking and seek to serve San Francisco’s hungry residents with products that not only taste great but also provide consumers with a bounty of protein, antioxidants and vitamins.

Panorama Bakery

panorama_bakeryLong-established in the baking community of San Francisco, Panorama Bakery has been churning out the best French style baguettes, rustic loaves and artisan breads. Their products are made daily by hand using organic flour and baked in the "Old World" style in stone hearth ovens. Ralph (pictured) has been named as one of the "mayors" of the Alemany Farmer’s Market (the oldest in the state!), and trust us when we say, Panorama breads are out of this world—simply delicious. 

Penrod Farms

penrod_farmsPenrod Farms is located in the heart of Gold Rush City in the Sierra Nevadas in Camino, CA. Owners Kelly and Desiree first met in 1980 and quickly became high school sweethearts. Twenty years later, they reunited and founded Penrod Farms with the intention of practicing sustainable farming while providing their surrounding communities with clean, wholesome food and strong hives for pollination. FarmBox SF can assure you it’s working! Wildflower honey from Penrod Farms is easily amongst the best we’ve ever tried! And, stay posted for their infused varieties like Habanero Honey and Lavender Honey coming soon.

Point Reyes Farmstead

point_reyes_farmsteadThe Giacomini family has been in the cheese business for over 100 years! In 1904 owner Bob’s great grandfather made it to California from Italy with a dream to raise cows and chickens. Then, in 1959 with his new bride Dean, Bob purchased our dairy farm (only 3 miles north of his parent's farm) to sell milk to the local creamery. Bob and Dean started with 150 cows and raised the herd to over 500 by the mid 1990s! Their cheeses—the Original Blue, Bay Blue, Toma and Mozzarella have won numerous awards across the country, and FarmBox agrees—these varieties are beautifully crafted and indisputably tasty. 

Regier Farms

Regier Farms opened up operations in 1974 with a 20-acre peach orchard and the boundless hope of founders Jim and Norma. Though they faced a few setbacks as the advent of commercial farming favored quantity and size as opposed to quality and taste, Jim and Norma got resourceful and began selling their peaches at farmer’s markets in 1980! A few years later, the Regier’s daughter and her husband, Anthony, caught farming fever and joined the family business. FarmBox SF loves Regier Farms because they harvest with their consumers in mind. Their peaches, oranges, and apricots are intentionally and carefully picked the day before the market in order to ensure that the fruit is always ripe and bursting with flavor!

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese

spring_hillSpring Hill Jersey Cheese is a certified organic, handcrafted, artisan estate cheese. The homestead cheese is made from the milk of owner Larry Peter's herd of pasture-grazed Jersey cows on the Spring Hill Dairy just west of Petaluma in Sonoma County. Larry Peter began his dairy in 1987, and started producing Spring Hill Jersey Cheese in 1998. Did you know Jersey Cow’s milk contains a higher butterfat content, which in an incomparable rich and creamy flavor. Try some of our favorites like white cheddar sage, and don’t forget about their butter!

Twin Girls Farm

Twin Girls Farm began humbly on 6-acres of orchard land that owner Nacho Sanchez, a student of agriculture, and his wife Casamira farmed in their spare time. Now stretching 518 acres on 14 plots of land in both Fresno and Tulare counties, Twin Girls Farm grows everything from navel oranges, pluots and peaches to persimmons and pomegranates! Their farm is certified organic, and Nacho and Casamira take pride in the fact that their employees can harvest their produce and their customers can eat it without worrying about harmful pesticide residue. And, their farming practices come full circle; any fruit that Twin Girls Farm does not sell is incorporated through composting back into their soil!


Yerena Farms

Yerena Farms began growing their delicious berries in Watsonville, California (about 90 miles from the Bay Area) in the early 1970’s. Like the Regiers, Gilberto and Apolinar of Yerena Farms began selling at the historic Alemany Farmer’s Market in 1980. They are a truly a family-run operation, employing many members of their immediate family as farm workers on their 22-acre farm! Yerena Farms was certified organic in 2003 and specialize in growing strawberries, raspberries, juicy blackberries and tayberries--a raspberry/blackberry hybrid!

Zuckerman's Farm

Roscoe Zuckerman of Zuckerman’s Farm is a third generation farmer, having learned the practice from his grandfather who began cultivating land in the Delta Region, located at the intersection of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers. Having survived unpredictable flooding in the area, Zuckerman’s Farm now sits on 1,500 acres about 80 miles from San Francisco. FarmBox SF loves Zuckerman’s asparagus, amazing varieties of potatoes and sweet summer melons.


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