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Welcome to SoCal Grubmarket, where we serve integrity with a side of community spirit. The heartbeat of our mission is to connect you directly with California agriculture and food artisans sustainably and with love. We prioritize relationships, support our local food economy, and provide the best customer care every day of the week.

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What We Do

Imagine our grocery aisles as runways where the latest seasonal harvests flaunt their stuff. We're not just filling your delivery box; we're curating a collection of peak-season showstoppers while championing sustainable agriculture. We're here to demolish the barriers between you and the freshest farm fare by curating the best and bringing it to your door.

Explore FarmBoxes, Clubs, and a la carte items -- Build Your Box -- Enjoy your goodies from week to week- we are always adding seasonal and exciting items!

Our Team

We choose the path less traveled because, frankly, it feels and tastes better. We are a highly passionate, close-knit team of advocates and team members who work together to bring all of CA to LA.

No shortcuts, no compromises, just good food with a conscience.

What Our Customers Say

"Organic, freshly harvested, delicious - AND I'm supporting local growers! Bonus…a full-service grocery, meaning you can get everything you need, from household products to snacks and beverages and most things in between (don't forget the bakery items!)... 

Even though I could go back into the supermarkets now, why would I want to?"

Jana M. (Customer since 2020)

“I CAN taste the difference from store-bought, ripened in the warehouse before being distributed to the stores, fruits, and vegetables…It's easy to order online. Any issues are handled quickly and with professionalism from their staff, either by phone or email…

My decision several years ago was a good one!!"

Renee S. (Customer since 2016)

“I love the convenience of having organic produce and groceries delivered to my home. Knowing where my food is sourced and learning about the farms makes me feel better about the food I consume. I can plan my meals for the week when I fill my shopping cart for a Sunday delivery…

I especially love getting to try produce that I don't always see in the average market."

Marie M. (Customer since 2015)

“The products are all excellent: fruits and vegetables are very fresh and full of flavor. The bakery is a terrific resource for English muffins and all sorts of bread. This weekly delivery is as close as we can get to actually going to a farmers' market, and we value it…

When I have had questions or concerns, the Customer Care Team was always right on it, within minutes."

Susan B. (Customer since 2020)

Shop small. Support local.
Think global.

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