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We Support Sustainability!
Sustainability is a big name for a simple concept. Sustainable principles state that we can and must meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We become stewards of our natural resources; using them in a way that doesn’t deplete them, but instead promotes regeneration. Our earth is beautiful, bountiful and capable of feeding all the living things on the planet, but only if supported by sustainable business practices.

GrubMarket takes sustainability very seriously. From our reusable packaging, eco-efficient routes, and sustainable farmers, we go beyond what is required to ensure our business isn’t depleting natural resources, but instead is helping revolutionize our food system!

Reusable packaging:
The concept of unnecessary waste from plastic bags is luckily not a new one in Southern California. But GrubMarket takes it the 'reusable tote' to the next level! We’ve created insulated eco-baskets, so perfect for transporting your farm-fresh groceries, that you’ll want to use them all the time! Thanks to these eco-baskets and other reusable items, we save over 70,000 plastic bags from landfills each year.

Delivery Routes:
This one may be a surprise… but our delivery trucks actually save roughly 80-90% carbon emissions from your grocery shopping routine! The math is actually quite simple. If 30 of your neighbors all go to the store at different times, the earth is taking on the emissions of every single individual trip. However, when you and your neighbors order from GrubMarket, we work behind the scenes to set up eco-friendly routes, delivering all your groceries with drastically less driving!

Sustainable Farmers:
Beyond working with small local farmers that use organic and sustainable methods, we also make sure we support farmers who support biodiversity. Biodiversity might sound like a complicated topic, but it’s actually quite simple. Before industrialized commercial farming, we used to have hundreds of thousands of genetic varieties of food crops. Over time, however, these were dwindled down dramatically for color, size, or other cosmetic reasons. Just like with humans, when there isn’t enough diversity in the gene pool, the plants are vulnerable to widespread disease! It may be more difficult and costly, but growing a wide variety of biodiverse plants is the right way to secure our global food future.

These are some of the ways we support sustainability and are changing the food system for a better.

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It’s the little things we do that add up to make a big difference.

At GrubMarket, We Aim For Sustainability.


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