Original Post by: DailyCandy
June 5, 2013

DailyCandy says Snack Yourself Skinny with The Beauty Box

Get anti-aging ingredients and skin-saving super-foods delivered straight to your doorstep with the new Beauty Box ($60 per week) [...]

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Originally Aired on: KTLA
May 13, 2013

Watch LAist’s Krista Simmons Get Juicy with FarmBox on KTLA

Krista Simmons tells the morning news “...get yourself a juicer and to start juicing at home. FarmBox LA does these really excellent delivery systems...”

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Original Post by: Pure Wow
April 26, 2013

PureWow calls FarmBox Wow Worthy and a Must-Have

Love farmers’-market fare but sick of fighting crowds to get the best cherimoya? Opt instead for Farm Box LA and get a customized [...]

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Original post by: LAist
April 19, 2013

LAist sings FarmBox praises and tells you how it works

A new breed of CSA called Farm Box LA is bringing baskets bursting with local produce harvested at local farms to your door. And instead [...]

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Original Post by: My L.A. Lifestyle
October 12, 2011

“Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food.” -Hippocrates

I first saw Reisha Fryzer at a Daisy Swan “Entrepreneur” seminar featuring a select group of independent business owners. I was there that [...]

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Originally Aired on: NBC News
May 14, 2013

NBC Morning News invites Chako and Reisha on set!

Farm Box LA's Chako Fairbanks and Reisha Delug show Whit & Lucy how to get the best of the farmer's market, without leaving the house.

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Original Post by: CBS LA
May 12, 2013

FarmBox lands on CBS’s Latest Best of LA: Farm Fresh Delivery Services

What’s great about Farm Box LA in particular is their support of local farmers known to have some of the best produce around, such as Weiser [...]

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Original Post by: Insidehook
April 23, 2013

Take Rob Lowe’s Mother’s Day Quiz to find out what you should get your Momma

Mother's Day is May 12th. A man can't underestimate its importance. If it’s gifts you seek, our partner and curator Mr. Rob Lowe has devised [...]

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Originally Aired on: NewBeauty
April 17, 2013

NewBeauty hangs with Chako and Reisha to talk organic health and beauty

For this week's #TeaTimeBeauty chat we go in depth to find out exactly why women might want to chose organic skin care products. We also [...]

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Original post by: KCET
March 9, 2011

KCET uses FarmBox produce for their Quick Pickled Vegetables recipe

Shopping at the farmers market can be a dangerous affair -- simply because all the fresh, in-season produce looks so tempting. If you [...]

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Original post by: Wall Street Journal
February 3, 2011

The WSJ uses FarmBox for their LA Farmers’ Market to Your Doorstep

In deep winter, the greatest challenge for a committed locavore may not be coming up with yet another way to eat root vegetables, [...]

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