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Food Waste Free
Traditional grocery stores, in order to be aesthetically pleasing and prepare for possible high demand are forced to over order their produce and grocery. However, this means that over 50% of food supplied to grocery stores nationwide will end up in the dump. And while you may think modern online groceries and meal services are better, unfortunately, the rise of 24 hour & instant delivery services means they are victims of the same system, predictive ordering a surplus, creating huge amounts of food waste. 

But GrubMarket saw that there was a better way... the right way! Over the last few years, we've revolutionized the food consumption system; committing ourselves to becoming the first American waste-free grocery store to be zero waste! Here's what we do every day to flip the script. 

Step 1: Reduce - We only order what we need to serve you. When you add an apple to your order, we contact the farmer, who goes and picks that apple for you. Not only do you get the juiciest & sweetest fruit possible in your order, but the other apples can stay on the tree!

Step 2: Reuse - We have been a leader in the ugly food movement! Some produce items may be just a few days past "ideal" or may have characteristics that make them less appealing! When grocery stores would toss them... we offer them at amazing sale prices! Check out our website, or your email every Wednesday for our "WOW Wednesday deals" to get unbelievable deals.

Step 3: Recycle - Finally, anything that doesn't find it's way into your homes is gifted or donated. You may find the occasional treat, baked good, or other items as a free gift in your orders. That means we had a little extra to share and wanted to make sure it didn't go to waste. Beyond that, any additional food that we have left at the end of the week is donated with love to St. Francis or the Alliance of Moms. It is important for us to share our abundance of nutritious food with those who need it most. 

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of the food revolution. It takes all of us working together to become a zero waste world! 

-GrubMarket Family

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