Grub Market

It’s time to break up with your Grocery Store

I know you’ve been together a long time, and you’ve probably gotten comfortable…but....
you are probably missing a lot of the red flags.

  • They want you to come to them – I mean, how about a little compromise? You’re busy too! Did you know the average American spends between 10-15 hours a month grocery shopping? That’s a full day you could be doing what you want to do.
  • They just don't give you what you need – It’s no secret. This relationship is not monogamous. You are often forced to go to multiple stores or farmer’s markets each week to get the right combination of everything you’re looking for. Or, you get frustrated and end up buying the same old staples, making the same monotonous meals.

  • You don't know where they've been – You want to be part of a local sustainable system, but you’ll get no guarantees from your mega-store. The labels may say things “natural” or “free-range” but what does that really mean? Even if they are organic, they could’ve shipped here from Timbuktu, which is just as bad for the environment as it is for your taste buds.
  • They're incredibly wasteful – Grocery stores over-order thousands of pounds of food hoping it’ll be bought and when it isn’t all that food gets tossed away. Plus, they use thousands of single-use bags that are impossible to recycle. Fun Fact: By using our reusable eco-baskets we save 50,000 plastic bags from landfills every year!
  • It’s hard to imagine, but once upon a time we weren’t in love with the fluorescent lights, shiny apples, and individually plastic wrapped items.
  • We used to know our local farmers by name, as well as our milkman, fishermen, and butchers.
    GrubMarket brings those old-fashioned ideals into the future; perfected with online convenience.

  • We come to you – No more waiting in lines or crowded parking lots! Enjoy the convenience of shopping online whenever you want, PLUS we hand-deliver to your door.
  • We've got what you need  - Want fresh produce once a week, milk and eggs twice a month, and local almond butter monthly? We can do that! In fact, we can do almost anything you want because, as a small company, we can offer personalization you just can’t find from an online mega-market. We also have weekly recipes featuring our seasonal produce that will add some flavor to your routine.
  • You always know where your food comes from  – We work with small local farmers so you get the highest quality and freshest sustainable local food! By putting farmers first, we work with our earth, not against it.
  • We only order what you order - Your food is picked or produced fresh for you, resulting in ZERO food waste. Any occasional leftovers or canceled orders are donated to local charities and shelters.

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