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We created FarmBox to share our love of eating fresh, local produce straight from the farm with our friends across the Bay Area! With hectic workdays, weekly appointments and family commitments, we realize that not everyone has the time to visit their weekly farmer’s market—no less a farm!—to find the best fruits and veggies of the season. 

FarmBox SF is similar to a CSA, a model where consumers purchase a share in a farm to receive a portion of the harvest. However, we differ by supporting dozens of local farmers to bring you the best crops that vary week by week. We guarantee that no two of your FarmBoxes will be identical!

We have built strong relationships with our Bay Area farmers to ensure that your produce is picked when it’s ripe and bursting with flavor and is grown using sustainable, organic farming practices. FarmBox SF also features local artisan food makers through our online marketplace, whose products can be added to any delivery.


Farmers and artisans love FarmBox because they get to focus on what they do best—the farming and cooking—and we help them distribute their wonderful products to a customer base they may not ordinarily reach.


There’s nothing better than eating food that tastes the way it’s supposed to! We offer a free weekly newsletter with recipes written by local chefs, tips on how to best store your produce, and fun facts about items you may be unfamiliar with—or may have never seen before—in your FarmBox! We have a chef and nutritionist on staff who can answer your questions 7 days a week!


Additionally, FarmBox has partnered with local non-profit, Leah's Pantry, to donate 1 lb. of fresh, locally-harvested produce for every delivery we make! These fruits and veggies will be used in a variety of nutritional workshops and cooking classes that serve many of  San Francisco's low-income neighborhoods.


 When you order from FarmBox, you can trust that you and your family are getting fresh, local products and supporting environmentally-friendly farms. Click here to read about our Farmers and Artisans.


This love for food stayed with me as I grew up and moved to Paris. It was there that I really experienced what my mama meant by eating fresh. The Parisians have beautiful farmer’s markets every day and eat from the local baker and butcher shop.

I fell in love with this lifestyle – I learned to shop local and cook fresh. I tried to steer my life towards the “logical” path. I graduated from the Boston University Business School to end up.…working on a farm in Malibu! I earned my chef certificate a year later and haven’t looked back.

I’ve been sharing my love of agriculture and cooking ever since. When I’m not having fun running FarmBox, I teach cooking classes, volunteer at the Venice Family Clinic consulting on nutrition and health, do yoga and cook!

Favorite Blogs/Websites: KCRW Good Food Blog, Los Angeles Times Food Good Bite, Jamie Oliver,, Slow Foods LA

Favorite Books: Recipes for Health, Farmer Jane by Temra Costa, Food and Healing, Anastasia, Rawumptious Recipes by the Louks Family


And if it didn’t look pretty, she wouldn’t eat it! But growing up in Utah had its culinary drawbacks. Utah is a beautiful state – but because of our amazing ski season, we don’t have fresh produce for most of the year. Moving to California changed my cooking all together.

Visiting the Santa Monica Farmer’s market was like visiting the Garden of Eden! I had never seen an heirloom tomato or tasted strawberries so sweet and juicy. I’ve loved cooking with California’s year-round fresh ingredients ever since.

I owned a marketing company for several years in Los Angeles but fell in love with the concept of FarmBox and decided to team up with Reisha. Now I’m excited to be working with Reisha and our local farmers both in LA and the Bay Area to better our community and environment.

Favorite fruit or vegetable: guavas and sweet potatoes

Favorite local activities: surfing and riding my bike on the Venice strand

Favorite local restaurants: AOC, Urth Caffé


Hours spent perusing the aisles of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables and sampling each variety, especially the lesser-known, more unusual ones like cherimoyas and apriums, are amongst my fondest memories!

Having returned from a 4-year diet of exclusively eating apples and oranges while I attended college in the Midwest, I no longer take California’s incredible access to local, organic produce for granted!

As your go-to gal for FarmBox SF, I hope to share my passion for supporting local farms, my foodie aspirations and dedication to environmental sustainability with my new neighbors!

Favorite fruit or vegetable: Pluots, Mango Nectarines and Japanese Eggplant

Favorite local activities: Hiking in Golden Gate Park and cooking dinner with FarmBox ingredients for friends and family


             Our Community Partner:                                    logo   FarmBox SF customers support local non-profit,


How it works:

Our partnership is simple--for every FarmBox delivery made, we will donate 1 lb. of fresh, local produce to Leah’s Pantry!


About Leah’s Pantry:

Leah’s Pantry works closely with San Francisco’s low-income populations to deliver and develop cooking and nutrition programming in order to:


-      build a community around food and healthy nutrition with neighbors

-      inspire lasting habits regarding healthy cooking and eating

-      increase access to education to allow clients to make healthier choices for themselves and their families


How will this donation be used?

Leah’s Pantry will use all fresh FarmBox donations in a variety of their community cooking and nutrition workshops each week!


Read more about Leah's Pantry on their website!



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