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Farmers First

At GrubMarket, our farmers aren’t our “producers”; they’re our partners! From the beginning, our mission has been to connect people to their food, protect the environment and our local economy. It was obvious that these goals all began with supporting small farmers. But what does “support” really mean?

Over the years our farmers have become our close friends; integral members of the GrubMarket family. While traditional grocery stores seek to gain the most profit possible, we have different a different priority: to benefit the small farmer.

The biggest difference between traditional grocery stores and us is money (and who it goes to). First, unlike distributors or regular grocery store, we give the farmer control to set his or her price for their produce, and we pay it! Simple.

When a traditional grocery store buys from a small farmer, a higher portion of the profit goes to the brick and mortar store and the distributor, so the farmer makes significantly less money. With GrubMarket, the farmer receives much more (between 15% and 25% more).

Secondly, we give our farmers financial stability. When those same farmers go to your weekly farmer’s market to try and sell their produce, they must over-pick and transport to anticipate possible demands. The produce that isn’t sold that day will most likely go bad before it reaches a consumer, losing them money. But at GrubMarket, we send them an order while the fruits are on the tree and the veggies are on the ground! This helps them to eliminate their food waste and maximize their possible profit!

Another way GrubMarket supports farmers is by putting the power back into their hands, asking them for the vegetables that they need to sell. Sometimes their spinach is sad but mother nature blessed them with killer kale! While other stores may say ‘no’, we say, ‘kale yea!’! By using our farm-flexible FarmBoxes, we can adjust what we sell to meet their needs (not the other way around).

Lastly, (and maybe most importantly) we give them a face and a name. It wasn’t that long ago that everyone knew the name of the local milkman, fisherman, butcher, and farmer; and it was always part of our goal to return our communities to this way of life (through modern means). Whether through social media (like Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube) or our ‘Hug Your Farmer’ interviews in our weekly newsletter, we know how important it is for you to know where your food comes from, see the farm, meet their family, and know their story.

It’s the little things we do that add up to a big difference.

At GrubMarket, Farmers Come First.